Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to properly care for clothing

Caring for clothes washing clothes affairs stems from the right. If you want clothes that you have durable and not easily damaged, pay attention to how to wash and iron the right.

Although seem trivial, harmless Moms find out first "signs" right so your clothes remain durable and family. Follow the following review.

How to Wash
- Before washing, separate white and color clothes, including baby clothes do not mix dirty exposed soil or mud, for example.

- Remove objects that exist in a pocket. Soiled clothing or food containing can invite insects that eventually ruin your clothes.

- Do not soak too long T-shirt, pants, shirts and other printed! Should last no more than 1 hour in a solution of detergent to prevent damage.

- Do not be too frequent washing kebaya, the origin is not dirty and smelly, kebaya sufficiently aerated. Once used as much as 3-5 times then cleaning (dry clean) kebaya made vulnerable such as lace, silk, chiffon, tulle.

- Avoid washing kebaya with a washing machine! Finished washing, kebaya knead enough (avoid squeezing), or absorbed water using a towel. Avoid drying kebaya made of lace or tulle, especially laden with sequins application by hanging, because it will change the line construction and kebaya. Enough lay on a flat surface. Avoid ironing kebaya made of tulle because it will change the texture of the material becomes weak. When matted, just hung.

- Usually the clothing label located on the neck or the waist there is a message from the treatment plant is supposed to do when washing the clothes. There are rules about the temperature of the water, chemicals for washing, ironing way, and so on. Learn the ingredients and the way of washing clothes that are not wrong.

- If the clothes soiled with food or other chemical stains, quickly cleaned up to be more easily removed the stain.

- Be careful with the stain cleaning / whitening (bleaching) because it can change the color of your clothes so killer. Test first on a hidden part of the material before attempting to clean it. When it is still difficult to clean, use a stain remover following:

1. Lemon - effectively remove dirt that can not be cleaned detergent.
2. Salt - to prevent stains from spilled wine.
3. Bath soap, able to clean the dirt that is difficult to clean with detergent, rubbing the stained clothing with soap land, set aside some time ago dub-dub until clean and rinse with water.

- Always drying clothes in a way reversed, so that the color does not fade fast.

- Even easier, it's good to occasionally leave the dryer. Materials are naturally dried clothes will last longer than that always put the dryer.

Often we forget and do not realize that heat can also damage the hair color of clothing. These are the guidelines that can be applied.

• Set the iron temperature and tide at medium temperature, not too hot!
• Always behind while ironing clothes (such as drying), then reversed again recently when folded).
• Use spray pelican clothing, making it easy to iron.